Presentations for Changing Channels, A review and discussion of the science of stream restoration
in the Russian River, Sonoma Creek and Napa River watersheds

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Entrenched Channels - What are They and Why are They Problematic for River and Stream Ecosystems
Dr. Matt Kondolf - Entrenched Channels: a Geomorphic Perspective
Laurel Marcus - Riparian Ecosystems: the Function of Floodplains and Effects of Channel Entrenchment
Dr. Matt Cover - The Importance of Floodplains and Off Channel Habitats for Stream Food Webs and Biota

Historic Conditions
Robin Grossinger - Historical Ecology of Selected Bay Area Watersheds with a Focus on the Napa River
Scott Walls - A Geomorphic History of the Russian River
Arthur Dawson - Freeway to the Bay: Two Hundred Years of Change in the Sonoma Creek Watershed

Main-stem River Restoration
Dr Andrew Collison - Rutherford and Oakville Napa River Restoration Projects
Jonathan Koehler - Limitations to Salmonid Habitats Created by Entrenched Channels and Improvements Measured from Napa River Restoration Projects

Tributary Restoration
David Manning and Greg Guensch - Coho Salmon and Steelhead Rearing Habitat Enhancement in Dry Creek
Mark Newhouser - Sonoma Creek Restoration - Integrated Approaches for Disintegrated Slopes
Julie Beagle and Laurel Marcus - Managed Retreat: the Carneros Creek Example
Mia Docto - Restoration Projects in Entrenched Alluvial Fan Channels - Some Examples from the Napa And Russian River Watersheds
Rocko Brown - The Feasibility of Gravel Augmentation to Address Main River Channel Entrenchment and Alluvial Fan Channel Management



Fish Screening Workshop Presentation from Steve Thomas, Hydraulic Engineer, National Marine Fisheries Service:
Fish Screen Design Criteria for Small Diversions


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