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coastal Sonoma Valley Map

This area encompasses Sebastopol and Occidental. Rolling grass-covered hills and steep forested slopes distinguish this area. Cool summer temperatures are maintained by marine fog. Vineyards are now the prominent agriculture, replacing apple orchards and grazing lands. Tributary creeks include Laguna Santa Rosa, Green Valley, Atascadero, and Blucher Creeks.


The Laguna de Santa Rosa is a major water feature of this area


Apple orchard in Sebastopol


Enrolled Sites:

  • DuMOL Winery and Vineyard
  • Littorai Wines—Gold Ridge Vineyard and Willow Creek Vineyard
  • DeLoach Vineyards—Laguna Ranch

DuMOL Winery and Vineyard
Owners Kerry Murphy and Michael Verlander farm this 28-acre site near Atascadero Creek biodynamically to improve water and soil quality. Visit

Littorai Wines—Gold Ridge Vineyard and Willow Creek Vineyard
These two sites, totaling 40 acres, are owned by Ted Lemon and biodynamically farmed to conserve soil and protect wildlife habitat. Visit

DeLoach Vineyards—Laguna Ranch
This site protected numerous valley oaks and seasonal wetlands when the vineyards were developed in 1999. DeLoach vineyards are certified organic and are converting to biodynamic farming practices. Visit

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