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Upper Dry Creek

Upper Dry Creek map

This watershed area is upstream of Warm Springs Dam and drains into Lake Sonoma. This area is largely steep hills and deep canyons. Lake Sonoma and the Warm Springs Dam cut off these creeks from the Russian River, making them inaccessible to steelhead trout.


Harvest of tan oak bark from northwestern Sonoma County in 1920

Certified Sites:

Enrolled Sites:

  • Evans Ridge




Summmerwind Vineyards
This 1060-acre property has been planted with just over 50 acres of vineyard. Each vineyard area is separately fenced to allow wildlife free movement from Dry Creek to the mountain ridge top. Along Dry Creek, a drive-across ford was replaced with a railcar bridge and a major revegetation project was installed in 2006 to improve wildlife habitat and water quality.


This large ranch has only 50 acres of vineyard with the rest of the land serving as wildlife habitat

A hillside spring protected from disturbance

Upper Dry Creek has been restored on the Summerwind site

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