Araujo Estate Wines

Estate Vineyard, Upper Napa River

As stewards of this special place, we are passionately committed to organic and Biodynamic® practices in our farming and winemaking, reinforcing the unique terroir in our wines, and ensuring the health of the soil and vines now and for the future. Through meticulous attention to detail in every step of the grape growing and winemaking process, we strive to produce singular wines of place, of the Eisele vineyard.

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Artesa Vineyards & Winery
Artesa Vineyards & Winery

Carneros Ranch, Lower Napa River
Foss Valley Ranch, Middle Napa River
Ridgeline Ranch, Alexander Valley

In all of our vineyards, we practice minimalist, sustainable agriculture. Our vineyards are models for erosion and sediment control. We employ cover crops to prevent erosion and provide a natural environment for predatory insects. This integrated approach to pest management allows us to greatly reduce or eliminate even the most benign insecticides. We make a constant, concerted effort to be good stewards of our land.

Beaulieu Vineyards

Beaulieu Vineyards 1, Middle Napa River
Beaulieu Vineyards 2, Middle Napa River
Beaulieu Vineyards 5, Lower Napa River
Beaulieu Vineyards 8, Lower Napa River
Beaulieu Vineyards 9,Lower Napa River
Beaulieu Vineyards 10, Middle Napa River
Calistoga Ranch, Upper Napa River

At Beaulieu Vineyard, we firmly believe that what is good for the earth is best for the wine, and for 100 years we have been striving to honor our vineyard land with practices that preserve its natural beauty and ecology. This involves a commitment to sustainable farming, a practice that optimizes a vineyard's natural balance by promoting the kind of biodiversity that reduces the need for pesticides, conserves water and promotes soil health and fruit quality. We understand that respecting our vineyards ensures their health and longevity and results in superior wine quality.

Beringer Vineyards
Beringer Vineyards

Abbott's Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Asti Ranch Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Bale Lane Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Bancroft Ranch Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Bauer Ranch Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Big Ranch Road Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Chabot Vineyard, Upper Napa River
DeCarle Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Dos Rios Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Foote Ranch, Knights Valley
Gamble Ranch Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Knights Valley Vineyard, Knights Valley
La Petite Étoile Vineyard, Santa Rosa/Cotati
Marston Ranch Vineyard, Upper Napa River
St. Helena Home Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Stanly Ranch Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Steinhauer Ranch Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Yountville Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Our approach to Fish Friendly Farming and sustainability recognizes the direct link between the effective management of our environmental and social impacts and our business success.  On strong foundations, a passionate team is building a sustainable future for our people, our environment and our community.

Bonterra Vineyards
Bonterra Vineyards

Butler Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley
McNab Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley

At Bonterra, we take our cues from the land and the fruit. We let them tell us what to do. Over the years, we've evolved our philosophy based on what we know works. Today our vineyard is an environment of incredible diversity: soil, plants and animals work together to create a web of natural balance where all the elements thrive. Decades of learning and winemaking accolades have reinforced our passionate belief that our organic grapes make better wine.

Bravante Vineyards

Stone Ridge Vineyard, Upper Napa River

Brutocao Cellars
Brutocao Cellars

Bliss Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley
Philo Ranch, Navarro River

The Brutocao Family has been stewards of their land for three, going on four, generations.  The practice of sustainable farming and treading lightly on the earth so as to pass it along to future generations is a core value that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Sustainable is attainable if you truly practice what you believe in.

Buena Vista Winery

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Creek
Tula Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Creek

"Our sustainable approach to viticulture and winemaking is very important to Buena Vista Carneros and Geyser Peak wineries.  Fish Friendly Farming certification was the next natural step towards responsible land stewardship”, says Scott Wallace, Vice President Operations for Ascentia Wine Estates.

Cain Vineyard and Winery

Home Ranch, Napa River


Cakebread Cellars
Cakebread Cellars

Anderson Valley Vineyard, Navarro River
Foster Road Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Dancing Bear Ranch, Upper Napa River
Maple Lane Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Rutherford Ranch, Middle Napa River

Chappellet Vineyard and Winery

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Charles Krug Winery
Charles Krug Winery

Homefinders Vineyard & Page Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Lincoln Ranch, Middle Napa River
Slinsen Vineyard and Voltz Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Willow Lake Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Charles Krug Winery and the Peter Monday Family are committed to sustainable farming methods in our vineyards, utilizing natural alternatives to standard fertilizers and pesticides whenever possible.  Our earth-friendly farming techniques include the use of cover crops; low-till usage and riparian restoration also play in integral part in our methods. Our hope is to be sensitive to our local environment in order to enhance the life of the Napa River and preserve our beautiful surroundings for generations to come.

Chateau Boswell Winery

Home Vineyard, Upper Napa River

We continue to strive to be responsible to our community's ongoing dependence upon a strong environmental structure by following sustainable practices in both our winery and vineyards. Our vineyards and landscaping are maintained organically by hand labor, ours and our employees, and with this closeness to our land and fruit we have developed a very sensitive approach to the production of our handcrafted wines. It is our tenet to leave no imprint other than that of the memory of the enjoyment of our hand-crafted wines. Chateau Boswell became the first Certified Napa Green Winery in 2007.

Chateau St. Jean Winery

Home Vineyard, Sonoma Creek

Our approach to Fish Friendly Farming and sustainability recognizes the direct link between the effective management of our environmental and social impacts and our business success.  On strong foundations, a passionate team is building a sustainable future for our people, our environment and our community.

Clark-Claudon Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Pope Valley


Clos Du Bois Winery

Olson Vineyard, Healdsburg and Chalk Hill
Winery Vineyard, Alexander Valley


Clos Du Val Vineyard and Winery

Carneros Vineyard, Lower Napa River



Clos Pegase Estate Winery

Mitzuko's Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Sustainability encompasses all that we do: from the focus on quality for every grape we grow, to the gift of the land to our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Cuvaison Winery

Mt. Veeder Estate Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Estate Vineyard, Lower Napa River

DeLoach Vineyards and Winery
DeLoach Vineyards and Winery

Laguna Ranch, Sebastopol
Windsor Ranch, Santa Rosa/Cotati

At DeLoach Vineyards, our mission is to produce increasingly exceptional wines that spotlight the unique terroir of the Russian River Valley in a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive way.  For years, we have practiced sustainable viticulture and minimally intrusive winemaking techniques to create balanced, naturally flavorful wines for the discriminating wine lover.
-Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor

Domaine Chandon
Domaine Chandon

Mount Veeder Vineyard, Lower Napa Rive
Yountville Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Duckhorn Wine Company
Duckhorn Wine Company

Candlestick Ridge Vineyard, Pope Valley
Cork Tree Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Marlee's Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Monitor Ledge Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Patzimaro Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Rector Creek Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Stout Vineyard, Middle Napa River

DuMOL Winery and Vineyard
DuMOL Winery and Vineyard

Home Vineyard, Sebastopol 

Fish Friendly Farming is a worthwhile program that heightened our awareness to our habitat and methods to proactively control stormwater runoff from our vineyards.
-Michael Verlander

Eagle Eye Wines

AlphaWOLF Vineyard and Olive Ranch, Suisun Creek


Elke Vineyards
Elke Vineyards

Donnelly Creek Ranch, Navarro River
Witherell Creek Ranch, Navarro River

Etude Wines

Etude Estate Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Our approach to Fish Friendly Farming and sustainability recognizes the direct link between the effective management of our environmental and social impacts and our business success.  On strong foundations, a passionate team is building a sustainable future for our people, our environment and our community.

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery
Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery

Beckman Ranch, Dry Creek Valley
Estate Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley
Keegan Ranch, Dry Creek Valley
Magnolia Ranch, Russian River Valley
Stang Ranch, Alexander Valley
Storey Ranch, Russian River Valley
Upper and Lower Hocking Ranches, Alexander Valley

Fetzer Vineyards
Fetzer Vineyards

Anthony’s Hill Vineyard, Hopland-Sanel Valley
Ledford Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley
Sundial Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley

At Fetzer Vineyards, sustainability is a way of life and the cornerstone of the way we do business.  For Fetzer, sustainability means a thorough commitment to environmental responsibility in all aspects of our vineyard and winery operations.   This earth-friendly approach not only makes us better stewards of the land and resources, and better winemakers, it also makes us members of the community. We're proud to be pioneers and industry leaders in generating and implementing environmental and socially responsible practices, and we're delighted to share what we learned with others.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Home Vineyard, Alexander Valley

The Fish Friendly Farming certification program has been a rewarding experience and has given us the chance to reconsider our farming and winemaking practices under the guidance of experts in their fields.  We are protecting our watershed and making better wine as a result.

Franciscan Vineyards
Franciscan Vineyards

Oakville Estate, Middle Napa River

Frog's Leap Winery
Frog's Leap Winery


Galleron Ranch, Middle Napa River
Gonzalez Ranch, Middle Napa River
Red Barn Ranch, Middle Napa River
Rossi Ranch, Middle Napa River

Gamble Family Vineyards-Source Napa

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Since no two vineyards are the same, nor is a vineyard the same even within itself, we pay meticulous attention to terroir, letting each unique location direct our winemaking. Quality, not quantity, is our concern. We favor low yields, focusing on rootstocks, unique clones and proper vineyard spacing, to ensure the full expression of our fruit. Though we farm many acres, we produce only 4,000 cases of Gamble Family wine.  We are hands-on farmers, working closely with our managers and employees.
All the effort we've put in comes to nothing if we aren't constantly observing, fine tuning, anticipating and experimenting." Tom Gamble

Gargiulo Vineyards
Gargiulo Vineyards

575 OVX, Middle Napa River
Money Road Ranch, Middle Napa River

Living right next to our vineyards, we are committed to doing the utmost for the greater good of our environment.  Our involvement with the Fish Friendly Farming Program ensures this both on a local and global level.
As responsible stewards of these two remarkable properties, Gargiulo Vineyards practices sustainable and organic farming to ensure generations of healthy soil.

Geyser Peak Winery
Geyser Peak Winery

Ascentia Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Walking Tree Vineyard, Alexander Valley
BHR Vineyard, Alexander Valley


Golden Vineyards
Golden Vineyards

Fairbairn Ranch, Hopland-Sanel Valley
Heart Arrow Ranch, Redwood Valley


Goldeneye Winery
Goldeneye Winery

Abel Vineyard, Navarro River
Confluence Vineyard, Navarro River
Gowan Creek Vineyard, Navarro River
Rivers Rest Ranch, Navarro River
The Narrows Vineyard, Navarro River


Greenwood Ridge Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Greenwood Creek

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, which is 100% solar powered and utilizes biodiesel fuel exclusively, has been a leader in environmentally responsible farming for many years.  In 2003 the Mendocino Winegrowers Alliance awarded the George Zeni Memorial Award to owner Allan Green. The award is inscribed "A perpetual trophy given to the winegrower of the year representing outstanding stewardship of the land, community service and producing the highest quality wine grape in Mendocino County."  Participation in the Fish Friendly Farming program is one more way to promote sustainable agriculture.

Gundlach Bundschu

Home Vineyards, Sonoma Creek

Hagafen Cellars

Hagafen Vineyard Rancho Wieruszowski 2, Lower Napa River
Hagafen Vineyard Rancho Wieruszowski 3, Lower Napa River

Ernie Weirs daily involvement in the two sides of wine production, grape growing and winemaking, ensures the superb quality of our releases.  Fine wine starts in the vineyard with careful management, says Weir.  I strive to take maximum advantage of Napa Valley's geology and climate to produce the best wine varietals.  I interfere as little as possible with the soil, creating a balance that minimizes the chemical and erosion impact via the use of modern farming techniques while maintaining the age-old wisdom of balance and the traditional values of conservation and land stewardship.  Once harvest is completed, I undertake the second part of my job, winemaking.  This presents an interesting challenge every time since each year the growing season and harvest are unique and different.  I never seek to change what Nature has provided.  My goal is always to showcase the best that our land has produced.

Hall Wines

Main Winery Estate, Middle Napa River
Napa River Ranch, Lower Napa River
Sacrashe Vineyard, Middle Napa River
T Bar T Ranc, hAlexander Valley
Walt Ranch, Lower Napa River

All 450 acres of HALL grapes in Napa and Sonoma County will be certified organic in 2010. Farming organically means being responsible stewards of the land to our neighbors and our community. Organic farming enables us to provide a healthier soil, and healthier climate for the vines to grow in.
--Don Munk, Director of Vineyard Operations

Heitz Wine Cellars
Heitz Wine Cellars

Highway Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Linda Falls Vineyard, Pope Valley
Martha's Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Trailside Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Valley Oak Vineyard, Pope Valley

Today at Heitz Wine Cellars, we are proud to be conscientious stewards of the land, farming organically and sustainably in order to preserve the Napa Valley winemaking heritage for generations to come. --- Kathleen Heitz Myers, President

Hewitt Vineyard

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Honig Vineyard & Winery

Rutherford Vineyard, Middle Napa River

For us, sustainability is a holistic way of looking at our entire business. A way to do well while doing good. Michael Honig helped develop the Code of Sustainable Practices for the Wine Institute and our family is active in local environmental causes. Winemaker Kristin Belair works with our growers, sharing and encouraging sustainable practices.

HKG Estate Wines

Sweetwater Springs Vineyard, Russian River Valley

The historic Walters Ranch Hop Kiln stands as a symbol of the care, quality, craftsmanship and longevity that goes into every bottle of HKG Estate Wine. The Hop Kiln also serves as our Tasting Room and Marketplace. This structure served the important hop industry of California's north coast region, once the major hop-growing area in the west. Built in 1905 by a crew of Italian stonemasons, it represents the finest existing example of its type. The building consists of three stone kilns for drying hops and an attached wooden cooling barn with a two-story press for baling hops. California Registered Historical Landmark No 893

Husch Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Navarro River
Nash Mill Vineyards, Navarro River

Husch Vineyards has been finding new ways to improve sustainability since the business was founded in 1968.  Our four goals are: 1) reduce soil erosion, 2) conserve resources such as water and fuel, 3) protect the natural ecosystems that border the vineyards on our property, and 4) use organic chemicals.  The Fish Friendly Farming program is a natural extension of many of these goals and Husch has been an enthusiastic participant in the program since its inception.

Jericho Canyon Vineyard

Jericho Canyon Vineyard


Home Vineyard, Upper Napa River

By maintaining a permanent cover crop, we are able to prevent erosion, attract beneficial insects, and avoid the use of pesticides. Endless hours are spent on each plant over the course of the growing season pruning, suckering, shoot positioning, leaf plucking, crop thinning, and fertilizing to achieve the proper balance of sun exposure, water, and nutrients that each plant needs in order to develop optimum fruit flavors.  By using sustainable agricultural practices, we hope to ensure that the land will remain healthy and productive for our children and our children's children. 

Jeriko Estate Winery

Estate Vineyard, Hopland-Sanel Valley

Winegrower Daniel Fetzer learned the art of winemaking and viticulture at an early age with his ties to the family business that bears the Fetzer name. The Fetzer family gained world-wide recognition for producing premium Mendocino County wines of value and also for their pioneering efforts in spearheading the organic winegrowing movement. Today Daniel continues this family heritage at Jeriko Estate in Mendocino County with a commitment to quality winegrowing and stewardship farming practices. Jeriko Estate believes a quality wine that has personality and terroir is a product of the vineyard in which it is grown.

Joseph Phelps Vineyards
Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Banca Dorada Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Barboza Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Freestone Flats Vineyards, Salmon Creek
Las Rocas Ranch, Middle Napa River
Yountville Ranch, Lower Napa River

At Joseph Phelps Vineyards, our philosophy is to maintain, preserve and (where possible and appropriate) ecologically enhance the natural vineyard environment.  While this goal is essential for present vineyard practices, it will have an even more profound effect on the development of maturing vineyards in the future. In order to achieve the greatest possible ecological health in and around our vineyards, we continue to build upon the sustainable vineyard practices we have been using since the early 1980's, and gradually but steadily we are embracing a style of farming known as biodynamic agriculture or simply, biodynamics.
-Philippe Pessereau, Director of Vineyard Operations & Dr. Andrew Lorand, Biodynamic Consultant

Ladera Vineyards

Howell Mountain Vineyard, Upper Napa River

Sustainable farming is the closest next thing to organic, and firmly represents what we, at Ladera, intend as our recognition of the importance of long-term concern about the proper stewardship of our land: our heritage.

Ledgewood Creek Winery & Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Suisun Creek

Our family believes in best farming practices and sustainability. To this end we employ very thoughtful and specific trellising and canopy management techniques to maintain balance between the abundant plant foliage and the amount of fruit in our vineyards. In association with our Wine Institute and California Association of Winegrape Growers we adhere to a strict Code of Sustainable Winegrowing and are certified Fish Friendly Farming with our State of California.

Littorai Wines

Gold Ridge Vineyard, Sebastopol
Willow Creek Vineyard, Sebastopol


Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch, Middle Napa River
Rutherford Gardens, Middle Napa River

Excellence Through Responsible Farming - At Long Meadow Ranch we set out to prove that we could produce world class wine using sustainable, organic farming methods. Among the pioneers in establishing an organically farmed vineyard in the Mayacamas Mountains, Long Meadow Ranch is still one of less than thirty organically certified vineyards in the County of Napa.

Markham Vineyards

Yountville Vineyards, Middle Napa River

Merryvale Vineyards

Conn Valley Estate, Middle Napa River
Starmont Stanly Lane, Lower Napa River

Merryvale's commitment to green farming and sustainability is a celebration of the natural balance and harmony of our vineyards. Our goal is to sustain and improve the environment for future generations by being good stewards of our land and water, while showcasing the purest expression of site in our wines. We are grateful to have taken part in the Fish Friendly Farming program and encourage the participation of our neighbors.   
  V.P. Vineyard Operations Remi Cohen

Meyer Family Cellars

Meyer Family Cellars, Navarro River

Fish Friendly Farming has been the perfect fit for our property.  When we first purchased this property the stream was denuded in large parts.  This caused increased erosion during large storms and a lack of shade for wildlife in the hot summer.  Now ten years later the banks of the river are green and growing all year long.  These things take time, but we hope our family will be here for years to come which is why it is so important that we work at it today.

Michel-Schlumberger Winery

Michel-Schlumberger Home Ranch, Dry Creek Valley

Muir-Hanna Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Our grapes are grown with a minimum of chemical use, and our goal is harmonious co-existence with our ecosystem by enhancing our existing practices of sustainable agriculture and responsible conservation of resources. We strongly believe that the character of quality wine begins in the vineyard. Our goal is healthy vines in healthy soil...fine winemaking from the ground up. We assess each vine for vigor every year, carefully pruning to allow the vine to produce its optimal crop. We plant cover crops in the fall to prevent erosion and enhance fertility, grinding up the clippings and prunings in the spring and incorporating them back into the soil. During the growing season we remove weeds mechanically to minimize the use of herbicide and reduce the need for additional water. We are proud that we have not used insecticides on producing vines in over 30 years.

Navarro Vineyards & Winery

Home Vineyard, Navarro River

Navarro Vineyards is committed to sustainability, including both good farming practices and sustainable business practices, so that both the business and the land can thrive for generations.

Neal Family Vineyards Winery

Neal Brothers 1, Middle Napa River
Neal Family Vineyards Site 1, Upper Napa River
Neal Family Vineyards Site 3, Middle Napa River
Rutherford Dust Sites 2 and 3, Middle Napa River

Nelson Family Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Hopland-Sanel Valley

The Fish Friendly Farming program is excellent. Jack Neal and Son has enrolled about a dozen ranches in the program, and has also successfully partnered with Fish Friendly Farming on multiple riparian restoration projects.

Opus One Winery

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Oster Wine Cellars

Oster Vineyard, Redwood Valley
Tomki Vineyard, Redwood Valley

All of our fruit comes from our Estate Vineyards located in Mendocino County's Redwood Valley. These vineyards have been farmed organically in accordance with California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 1992. Organic farming does not allow the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, which can adversely affect the environment. We feel that it is important to maintain a good relationship with the Mendocino County environment that provides us with the unique opportunity to grow wine.

Pahlmeyer Vineyards

Waters Ranch, Suisun Creek
Wayfarer Farm, Gualala River

Parducci Wine Cellars

La Ribera Vineyards, Ukiah Valley

Before sustainability how-to-books were on the best sellers list, three men of singular vision, Tim Thornhill, Tom Thornhill, and Paul Dolan, were committed to the creation of America's Greenest Winery. The stand Parducci has taken is firm, designed to create quality wines and a healthier planet. By making wine from locally farmed grapes, using certified sustainable farming practices, utilizing 100% green power and employing earth-friendly packaging. In recognition of our status as the nation's first carbon neutral winery and our continuing dedication to social responsibility and environmentally sound practices, we received California's highest environmental award, the Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2007.

Parry Cellars

Home Vineyard, Upper Napa River

Peay Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Gualala River

It is very important that we use environmentally beneficial management practices in our small vineyard to help protect and enhance fish and wildlife, given my 31-year career with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Being certified under the Fish Friendly Farming/Napa Green Certified Land Program was a win-win.

Peju Province Winery

Rutherford Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

As part of the wine industry, we're not only in the business of harvesting the land, but we're also committed to protecting and preserving it for generations to come. Practicing organic farming in Rutherford is a vital piece in our environmental plan that will not only improve our health and ecological system, but will also yield high quality fruit in the vineyard.
-Ariana Peju

Peter Michael Winery

Knights Valley Estate Vineyard, Knights Valley
Seaview Vineyard, Gualala River

Peter Michael Winery (PMW) is both benefactor and steward of the land. We are committed to tending the mountain, soil, and water as diligently and carefully as we tend our vines. This commitment is demonstrated by the implementation of sustainable winemaking practices, including fish-friendly farming, land conservation, erosion control, integrated pest management, and pro-active environmental compliance. Sir Peter Michael's philosophy is to "live like you're going to die tomorrow; farm like you're going to live forever." This guidance is demonstrated in our everyday action and embodied in our wines.

Preston of Dry Creek

Home Vineyard, Healdsburg and Chalk Hill

Estate-grown grapes, olives, orchard fruit, and market produce are now certified organically-grown. We have used exclusively natural materials and techniques for several years: compost and compost tea, cover crops, and insectary habitat zones. We enjoy the positive symbiosis of wild and agricultural lands, and have engaged in the installation of native hedgerows, the planting of riparian vegetation along waterways, and the restoration of salmon and steelhead spawning habitat in adjacent streams. We are owner-operators, fully engaged in day-to-day events, yet motivated by a long-term vision for the stewardship of our land. We respect the farm as our home, visitors as our personal guests, employees as our family responsibility.

Provenance Vineyard

Rutherford Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Quintessa Wines

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

As stewards of this remarkable place, we have always farmed Quintessa with sustainable practices, including biodynamic and organic farming, to maintain harmony with the soil, vegetation and animal life. It is Valeria's intent to keep the soils of Quintessa as rich in microorganisms as she found them. This is achieved by avoiding all chemical controls, minimum tilling and soil disturbance, and use of diverse cover crops, which has the effect of enriching the soil's microorganisms. We have planted native plants and grasses in the vineyard margins throughout the property to encourage populations of beneficial insects, and removed plants that harbor harmful grapevine pests.

Quivira Vineyards

Wine Creek Ranch, Dry Creek Valley

At Quivira, our commitment is to make the best wine possible from our estate and surrounding vineyards using sustainable farming practices and with as minimal impact to the land as possible. We respect the property that we farm, the people that work here and the community in which we reside. Our estate is at the heart of the Dry Creek Valley - and we want it to remain a healthy heart for a long time to come.

Ravenswood Winery

Barricia Vineyard, Sonoma Creek
Gehricke Vineyard, Sonoma Creek

Ridge Vineyards

Fredson Ranch, Alexander Valley
Whitton Ranch, Alexander Valley
Lytton Estate West Ranch, Alexander Valley
Lytton Estate East Ranch, Dry Creek Valley

Everything we do at Ridge Vineyards is focused on producing flavorful wines from exceptional vineyard sites.  Certifying our vineyards through Fish Friendly Farming is a natural validation of Ridge's commitment to our soil, our vines, our people, and our environment.

Robert Craig Winery

Affinity Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Howell Mountain Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Here at the Robert Craig Winery, we are pleased to be a participant in the Napa Green (Fish Friendly) Certification Program, offered by the California Land Stewardship Institute.  This is a comprehensive program, addressing all aspects of vineyard development and management, with the goal of becoming as close to zero environmental impact as is possible to achieve.

Robert Mondavi Winery

To Kalon Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Wappo Hill Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Robert Sinskey Vineyards

Capa Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Old Sonoma Road Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Scintilla Vineyard, Sonoma Creek,
SLD Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Three Amigos Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Vandal Vineyard,Lower Napa River

At RSV, we believe that how we treat our dirt directly corresponds to the quality of the wine in the bottle. We're dirt farmers. We spend most of our energies managing the earth that bears our crops. If we can encourage a healthy, natural soil, one that is both structurally sound and rich in the type of nutrients that supply a vine what it needs, when it needs it, then it will reward us with high quality fruit.

Rodney Strong Wine Estates

Alexander's Crown Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Brothers Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Bud's Ranch, Alexander Valley

Rodney Strong Wine Estates, under the leadership of our owner, Tom Klein, aspires to conserve and protect the environment in all of our operations. Fish Friendly Farming is one of the many ways we approach sustainability in Sonoma County, our long-lasting initiative to guard or enhance the environment, be part of a thriving farming community, and maintain economic viability.

Roederer Estate

Carney Ranch, Navarro River
Dash-Pinoli Ranch, Navarro River
Walraven Vineyard, Navarro River
Perkins Clark Ranch, Navarro River

Being a family-owned winery involves a long term commitment to be passed to the next generation. We apply the same commitment to the land we farm and have embraced the Fish Friendly Farming program as one of the tools for our sustainable practices.
-Bob Gibson, Director of Vineyard Operations

Rubicon Estate

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Saintsbury Winery

Brown Ranch, Lower Napa River
Home Ranch, Lower Napa River

Salvestrin Wine Company

Crystal Springs Ranch, Upper Napa River
Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

We believe balance is important in everything we do and that is certainly true in the vineyard. Over the last five years we have been farming according to organic guidelines and have employed sustainable practices for three generations. There are an abundance of fruit and nut trees planted around the property that provide needed diversity. We use organic compost and annual cover crop for soil building and plant nutrition, and cultivate the soil in spring and early summer to incorporate the cover crop and preserve natural soil moisture making it available for the vines. The practice of cultivation helps to achieve proper vine balance, this, along with drought tolerant rootstock selection, reduces water demand. Sustainability means to us that future generations of our family will have the opportunity to farm this land with the same or better conditions than we started with.

Saracina Vineyards

Estate Vineyard, Hopland-Sanel Valley

Reminiscent of the rural character of Napa Valley 25 years ago, the ranches are populated with sheep and goats roaming the hillsides, groves of 100-year-old olive trees, pomegranate orchards, bamboo gardens, hiking trails, a wild azalea canyon, organic vegetable gardens, and four ponds that attract herons, Canadian geese and myriad animal life.  The owners are committed to preservation of the land and the rivers, including the Russian River which runs through one of the ranches, rather than clear-cutting every available acre for vineyards.

Scharffenberger Cellars

Home Vineyard, Navarro River

Being a family-owned winery involves a long term commitment to be passed to the next generation. We apply the same commitment to the land we farm and have embraced the Fish Friendly Farming program as one of the tools for our sustainable practices.

Schramsberg Vineyards

Estate Vineyards & Winery Upper Napa River
Juster Vineyard Navarro River


Sequoia Grove Vineyards

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Seghesio Family Vineyards

Home Ranch, Alexander Valley
San Lorenzo Ranch, Dry Creek Valley

Sustainability's core definition states that in accomplishing our goals we do not compromise the natural resources future generations require to meet their own goals. While Seghesio first formally adopted sustainable farming in 2003, our grandparents instilled in us a deep respect for the land that has provided both homes and a way of life for four generations of our family. Sustainability encompasses every aspect of the company our farming practices, how responsibly we use the earth's resources and how we treat our fellow employees. In our continuing efforts toward a higher platform of sustainability, we work to minimize our impact on the land and ecosystems that allow our business to grow. We now farm both sustainably and organically utilizing the greenest inputs possible while striving to maintain the highest quality hand-farmed fruit. In the winery, new processes aimed at the conservation of resources, primarily energy and water usage, have been adopted. Sustainability is not static -- it is a living work. Sustainability is our commitment toward Sharing Uncommon Ground for generations to come.
Our dirt is very precious to us, we've learned a lot from this program, that has helped us keep it.
-Peter Seghesio

Silver Oak Cellars

Soda Canyon Vineyard Lower Napa River

Silver Oak is excited to be participating in the Fish Friendly Farming program because we see ourselves as stewards of the land we are privileged to farm.  This program complements our approach to farming and winemaking by encouraging wise land management practices that contribute to the sustenance of our vineyards and the surrounding watershed, as well as our employees and customers.

Silverado Vineyards

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Fire Tree Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Home Ranch, Middle Napa River
Mt. George Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Soda Canyon Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Yountville Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Simi Winery

Bald Eagle Ranch, Potter Valley
Encinos Vineyard, Healdsburg and Chalk Hill
Goldfields Vineyard, Santa Rosa/Windsor area
Los Amigos Vineyard, Alexander Valley
Red Fan Vineyard, Healdsburg and Chalk Hill
Simi Winery Vineyard, Alexander Valley

Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Spring Mountain Vineyard

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River


St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

Estate Vineyard, Middle Napa River

With 475 acres planted at the Dollarhide ranch and 35 acres planted in Rutherford, St. Supery is a major vineyard owner in Napa Valley. St. Supery wines are "estate bottled" created by St. Supery from start to finish, with no purchased fruit, offsite production, storage, or other outside influences.  We have complete control over how our grapes are grown, and we strive diligently to keep our land pristine.  While St. Supery is the steward of 510 acres of prime Napa Valley vineyards, nearly 1000 acres of Supery's land lie fallow, a virtual nature park.  We believe that vines thrive with some elbow room, as do the resident bugs, birds and critters.

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

BRV Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Silverado Trail Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Stag's Leap Winery

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Our approach to Fish Friendly Farming and sustainability recognizes the direct link between the effective management of our environmental and social impacts and our business success.  On strong foundations, a passionate team is building a sustainable future for our people, our environment and our community.

Stagecoach Vineyard

Stagecoach Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Stagecoach Vineyard is a thriving habitat for coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, reptiles, raptors, and even bears above the Rector Reservoir watershed. All of our practices take into account the environmental, social, and economic implications of each farming decision made. We cultivate gentle farming practices that respect the land, water, and its native creatures.

Sterling Vineyards

Acacia Ranch, Lower Napa River
Bear Flats Estate Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Calistoga Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Diamond Mountain Ranch, Upper Napa River
Nolasco/Larsen Vineyards, Upper Napa River
Petersen Ranch, Upper Napa River
Rosedale Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Rutherford Ranch, Middle Napa River
Tamagni Vineyard, Upper Napa River
Wildwood Vineyard, Middle Napa River
Winery Lake, Lower Napa River

Stony Hill Vineyard

Home Vineyard, Upper Napa River

Napa Green, the Napa Valley Vintner's program based on Fish Friendly Farming, has been fabulous for us.  It was a practical, hands-on way to do a sustainable farming evaluation of Stony Hill and then implement the results.  Nothing fancy, nothing preachy; just good analysis and a sound plan of what it would take to become sustainable.

Sutter Home Winery

Trinchero Family Estates, Middle Napa River

Trinchero Family Estates strives to reduce inputs and adhere to environmentally friendly farming practices when tending all of our vineyards.  For eight consecutive years, the winery has been awarded the Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) award for our environmental conservation efforts.  Fish Friendly Farming provides us with guidelines and direction that focus our farming practices on the protection of natural resources for our communities.  With third party certification and support from across California, Fish Friendly Farming crafts a framework that requires continuous scrutiny and thoughtful implementation of our farming activities.
-Hal Huffsmith, Senior Vice President of Vineyard Operations, Trinchero Family Estates

Swanson Vineyards and Winery

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

We at Swanson Vineyards are extremely aware of our responsibility and obligation to conduct our grape-growing operations in such a manner as to protect our environment, maintain healthy soils, protect and nurture native plant and animal species and conscientiously manage and conserve natural resources. We realize that a clean environment, healthy and vigorous soils, and pure, untainted water, are all essential for growing fine quality grapes. Our subscribing to sustainable practices helps us to ensure a good yield of fine quality grapes for making our ultra-premium wines. It also ensures that our farming practices contribute to our future, the land's health and future and an undamaged and pristine environment for future generations.

The Hess Collection

Allomi Vineyard, Pope Valley
Crest/Summit Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Suskol Vineyard, Lower Napa River
Veeder Hills Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Nurture the land, and return what you take. This philosophy brings with it a dedication to delivering wines that speak of their natural origins. The wines cultivated at The Hess Collection demonstrate the distinctive qualities of the Napa Valley, including the unique qualities of high altitude and single vineyard vines.  We strive to protect these qualities by honoring the natural environment we rely on to produce our wines. By being responsible in our business and winegrowing practices we are able to return to the land what we ask for it to provide.

Tournesol Wine

Estate Vineyard, Lower Napa River

Trefethen Family Vineyards

Hillside Ranch, Lower Napa River
Main Ranch, Lower Napa River

At Trefethen Family Vineyards, we have always felt compelled to be exceptional stewards of the land.  At a very basic level, our ability to continue growing world-class winegrapes depends on having a healthy vineyard ecosystem.  In recent years, our passion for sustainability has grown further to encompass all aspects of our operations.  The result is that we now go well beyond such established practices as cover cropping and deficit irrigation and are doing new things like installing solar arrays to offset electricity usage and growing organic fruits and vegetables for our employees.  

Tres Sabores Winery

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

V. Sattui Winery

Henry Road Ranch, Lower Napa River


Volker Eisele Family Estate

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River

Over the past 35 years the Eiseles have enriched the vineyard soils through use of organic farming practices. No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used. The vineyard is certified as organic by both the California Certified Organic Farmers and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. It has been set back from the property's creeks to substantially increase riparian vegetation. Oaks and other native tree species have been planted on the creek banks to prevent erosion. Throughout the property creeks and associated riparian areas have been protected and enhanced.

White Rock Vineyards

Home Vineyard, Middle Napa River


Williams Selyem Winery

Drake Estate Vineyard, Lower Russian River
Litton Estate Vineyard, Russian River Valley

What is sustainable agriculture? As we define it, environmentally and socially responsible grape growing. Tending to our estate vineyards has transformed Williams Selyem from buyers of high-end grapes into stewards of the land. As with the development of our Litton Estate Vineyard, with the exception of removing a few rocks, vineyards were planted around hundred year-old oak trees. Special care was taken to not disturb, but to maintain natural wildlife corridors and habitat. These practices not only help us to be more responsible land owners, but they allow us to produce exceptional quality grapes. 

Winterhawk Winery

Home Vineyard, Suisun Creek

Through sustainable farming practices Winterhawk Winery seeks to improve the quality of life for our families and wildlife that call our ranches home. We are avid outdoorsmen and fishermen, and consider ourselves the Land Stewards of Suisun Valley, where you will see owl houses, hawk perches, and predatory birds in abundance. Fish Friendly Farming Certification is a natural way to document our conscientious farming and conservation efforts.

Yorkville Cellars

Home Vineyard, Navarro River

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certification ensures that no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers are ever used. This certification process takes 4 years of testing and our vineyards achieved this status in 1986. We believe our farming practices ensure a healthy soil that will be sustainable. Healthy soil and robust plants yield vibrant, complex grapes is the basis of great wine. 

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