Enroll for compliance with the New Vineyard Water Quality Permit.

Once you fill out and submit your enrollment form we will provide you with maps of your site to check the property boundaries are correct. Then we will schedule a site visit to complete the site assessment and mapping. We do the road and creek assessments and all the maps. We work with you to complete documentation of vineyard management practices. Once your plan is complete it can be certified and you are in compliance. All farms with more than 5 acres of vineyard must undergo this process by July 2020. We make it easy and we charge very little. Also we are a private nonprofit organization so your farm plan remains private. Public agencies cannot keep your farm plan private as they are subject to the Public Records Act. Contact us at 707 253 1226 or laurelm [at]

Regulatory Compliance enrollment information

If you have already completed a Fish friendly Farming farm plan please complete this form and we will make sure you are up to date and in compliance.

WDR permit compliance form (doc)