Bear Creek/Bale Slough Restoration Project

 Invasive Giant Reed Removal and Native Plant Revegetation Project

Bear Creek is a tributary to the Napa River in Rutherford. This creek sustains a run of threatened steelhead trout. Along its lower mile Bear Creek is infested with Arundo donax, or giant reed. The removal of Arundo on Bear Creek is underway as a cooperative project with landowners—Beringer Vineyards and Beaulieu Vineyards—who are certified in the Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Program, as well as Ggrich Cellars, Alpha Omega winery and a number of vineyards. There is over one acre of Arundo along the creek.  CLSI worked with the Napa County Flood Control District and the State Water Board to complete the project. State funds cover the Arundocutting and treatment and landowners are funding the native revegetation efforts.