Felta Creek Restoration Project

As part of implementing their Farm Conservation Plan, the landowners of Green Pastures are working with Fish Friendly Farming program staff on the eradication of blue periwinkle and Himalayan blackberry in the riparian corridor of Felta Creek. Fish Friendlly Farming staff mapped the invasive plants and applied for permits for the project. Once these invasive non-native plants have been removed, revegetation with native plants will take place.

Felta Creek is an important stream for steelhead trout. This project is designed to create a healthy regenerating riparian corridor which will provide a continuous shade canopy for rearing habitat in the creek. The invasive understory plants prevent native tree seedlings from growing, and as the older overstory plants mature and die, there will not be any seedling trees to replace them. This project focuses on creating a long-term sustainable riparian corridor for protecting and shading the creek. Funding is provided by the California State Water Resources Control Board and the California Department of Water Resources.