Hop Kiln Vineyards

Pool in Upper Pistol Creek

The historic Walters Ranch Hop Kiln stands as a symbol of the care, quality, craftsmanship and longevity that goes into every bottle of HKG Estate Wine. The Hop Kiln also serves as our Tasting Room and Marketplace. This structure served the important hop industry of California's north coast region, once the major hop-growing area in the west. Built in 1905 by a crew of Italian stonemasons, it represents the finest existing example of its type. The building consists of three stone kilns for drying hops and an attached wooden cooling barn with a two-story press for baling hops. California Registered Historical Landmark No 893.

This 250-acre site includes a large riparian forest and upstream creek area protected by a conservation easement. The channel incision in the main Russian River has significantly affected Pistol Creek on this site and required a major restoration project following the January 1, 2006 flood.